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You’re here because you truly want your wedding cake to fit seamlessly into your beautifully designed wedding day vision.

here You’ve been searching for a cake designer that gets your feminine, yet modern style, but among all the traditional flowery cakes you haven’t found something that speaks to you.

90 days stock options And none of your research has resulted in finding a designer whose cakes not only match your style but also taste so good, your guests compliment you months after your wedding day. You’re almost to the point where you feel like you should give up and just make your own.

go The truth is, I was in your shoes. And now, I’m here to help you.

click here In 2011, I was about to get married to my gorgeous man. I loved designing & planning my wedding in a modern, feminine, clean, and simple way. I joyfully perused magazines and websites full of inspiration, diligently creating design boards, and made plans to handcraft intimate details that showed my unique style for my wedding day. Yet whenever I’d pop onto a cake maker’s website, her style just didn’t feel “me” — modern yet elegant.

go here ~ Or I felt like I was getting a carbon copy of 100 other brides’ wedding cakes.

click here ~ Or they didn’t mention anything about taste (hugely important to me…I LOVE cake!).

forex scalping pro v2 So, I did what I never thought I’d do.

I made it myself. Slowly, I began to realise that there were other brides out there like me — brides with impeccable style, feminine design boards, very specific ideas about their cake, and who truly LOVE cake — who were going through the same dilemma that I had.


So I threw myself into creating a business around my love for cake and for working with clients who are truly invested in creating a memorable wedding experience. Since my very own cake, I’ve created over a hundred cakes for brides and grooms who wanted exactly that (and they LOVE them.


I founded Ivory & Rose on the principles of what I felt the cake baking industry was lacking — cakes lovingly handcrafted for couples who want a fresh, feminine, unique-to-them design and who want to absolutely love everything about their wedding.

Couples who think that their cake is an extension of them. And who will be head-over-heels to choose a cake maker who lovingly creates cakes that says to their guests see url “Here. We had this delicious work of art made especially for you. We’re so glad you’re here, celebrating our marriage with us.”

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Silly bits about me

We all have our quirky little bits and I thought I’d share some of mine…

  • Loves tea 80%
  • Loves running (because I eat to much cake!) 70%
  • Loves washing up 30%
  • Loves dancing to 80’s music – I was born in the 80’s! 90%